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We Have a Few Additional Features to Offer

When dealing with Customer Service, you always want your client to feel welcome and understood. When you can accomplish these goals in Customer Service, a bad situation can often times be turned around and costly outcomes can be avoided. Currently, we offer two additional features. We can make callbacks on web based forms from your pre-customers and we can Split Test the call back system to make it better.

Qualifications Form Call Backs

With this add on we receive the email or data from the form submissions on your web site and give an timely call back during business hours. The reason it is timely is because normally this person is very interested in gaining information about your product. The faster we get it to them the more likely they are to purchase. The form is not something we install, but all we need is the POP3 email account information on the email address that the form is submitted to and we can then make calls or emails based on the information provided in the form.

Scentific Split Testing Qualifications Form Systems

With this add on we split test the entire system involved in the callback process. This is a great way to ensure that the reps know what to say in order to achieve the BEST scientific result. In some cases this means a sale, but for others it just means that the customer received the information that they needed and ended the conversation satisfied. No matter what outcome you desire to achieve from the Qualifications Form Call Back System, scientific split testing it can make it better.


Our Add-ons are designed to fit your needs.

Each of our Add-ons are designed to give you additional flexibility with your customers. By providing additional ways to help them understand your business products you will be more successful in:

Keeping them from searching your competition

Helping them know your options
Giving them a better feeling about your legitimacy
Inform them if they do not qualify for your service (avoiding refunds)

Indirectly making the final sale

Our Add-ons are designed to fit your needs.

You are likely to be in need of some pre-customer support, otherwise why would you have found this page. So, even though you may not need a full Customer Support Team, you may have the need of a few small things, like email and Chat, that will provide a big impact on your turnover rate or just providing the immediate call back to a qualifications form may be just what you need. Maybe you want to avoid qualification forms by using our chat service, but you can use them together to reach as many propective customers as possible. If you have a large scale need for Pre-Customer Service, then our additional items should interest you greatly. Ensuring that you have the best customer conversion ratio or most satisfied pre-customers is a big deal when you are looking at the budget. When you decide that you would like to use one of our services, go ahead and click below to begin.