service_heading_imgAvailable Add-ons

Online Form Callback System

This is an additional system that can be used to improve your market value without the use of cold calling. This method uses an online form from your site, or one we can design separately, to generate emails that will allow contact with a user interested in your product. After submitting the form on your site an email is generated and then we will quickly answer that email with a phone call or an email depending on the available information left by the pre-customer.

  • The phone minutes on your dedicated line will count against your purchased minutes.

Split Testing your Callback Form

When we first start doing call backs for your business we will use your script. This script will be the guideline we will follow when speaking to your customers. At some point you may want to test that script with other keywords or phrases. Many times customers can get turned off to a product by just a few words spoken or written. Testing the script against other ideas will only create a better outcome for your customers and your business turnover. Each split test will run for 150 - 200 phone contacts. This is to generate the best possible statistically significant result.

  • $400.00 per split test.