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Why use BoldChat?

We use BoldChat because we feel that it offers the best features for the amount of cost. We do not use any other chat clients for our Customer Service. It is very easy to install on your site. Only a few lines of code in your HTML pages is needed for your customers to be able to use our Bold Chat system. We will take care of the fee's associated with the BoldChat account.

Our Contact Information

You can contact our customer service representatives by phone, chat or email.
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North American Representatives

We too have been in need of customer support for various reasons in the past. It has been our experience that we received better support from Customer Service Reps that spoke English as thier primary language. Even more simply, we had our best experiences with American Service Representatives. We have decided to hire all of our reps from North America with a major emphasis on reps from and living in the United States. This is an idea we are commited to and feel very strongly about. We want you to feel assured that all of your Pre-Customer Service is handled by quality English speaking people living right here in North America.

Cost Breakdowns for HigherPage

This depends on what kind and how much Customer Service Support you will need. You may only want to add a pre-customer phone line to supplement the current system you already have, or you may not have any system at all and desire to add phone, email and chat. Whatever the case is for you, we can help. We have a comprehensive cost comparison for Our Services.

We accept credit card, money order and cashier's checks. You can get to the cart for the services by following any of the above links.

You Can Switch to Us or from Us Easily

There is NO contract to sign. Once you purchase if you decide you do not like us we can then refund the remainder of the minutes left minus a $200.00 service fee. If you are close to the end you can just let the month run out and then tell us you would like to discontinue our service. We will disconnect your service and then you are done.

We do not provide Post-Customer support at this time. We have found Post-Customer support to be not in our best interest.

The Length of Our Service Contract

We offer discounts for purchases of more than one month. Each month is billed on the 1st or 15th of the month and will only last as long as the agreement made at the beginning of the purchase. No recurring fees will happen outside of this agreement.

Our Email Systems

With the use of our email systems you can easily send the emails generated by your users to us via pop3 server. This pop3 account allows us to get the emails and respond to your customers in a timely manner. This will help bring your customers to a buying decision before they "get comfortable" with your competition.

The Overall Process

Once you have chosen which of our products will best suite your needs, you can purchase securely online which will fund your account. After that step we will email you to set up a phone interview and get all the information needed to begin providing the service. This includes getting as much detailed information about your service or product as possible so that our representatives are informed when they start getting questions about your company and products. We have a questionnaire that is used to facilitate starting the knowledgebase from your company.

Reputable Companies

Most Reputable Customer Support companies have goals that will line up with the goals of your company. This does not mean that they will tell you what you want to hear, but that they can back up their claims. We have flat rates and that is all that we will charge. We are confident that our dedication to making your company better will win your business and perhaps win the business of the friends you tell about us.