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Keywords For Campaigns

f you need to set up additional keywords for your site, here is where we can help. We can add or add to campaigns for multiple keywords. Currently there are three packages to choose from. We have the 500 keyword package that allows for all the basic keywords that would benefit your campaigns (ex. computer), the 5000 keyword package that allows for some "extensions of keyword" (ex. laptop computer) and the 25000 keyword package that allows for all the long extensions we can find (ex. cheep laptop computer free shipping)

  • 500 keywords package is $500
  • 5000 keywords package is $1000
  • 25000 keywords package is $2500.

Split Testing your Campaign

The best way to test your advertising campaign is with a split test. We have three packages available. This can sometimes be more beneficial than a taguchi test because you can test on more than one campaign at a time by using separate split tests. A taguchi test allows for far more options, but forces the tests to stay within the same campaign. The 50 test pack set allows for 50 separate single tests on any campaign that you have. The 100 and 200 test packs are similar and only vary in the amount of tests you are purchasing

  • $500 for a 50 pack
  • $800 for a 100 pack
  • $1200 for a 200 pack.

Taguchi Split Testing

Taguchi Split testing is the best way to test multiple ideas on one quality adgroup. We have developed techniques for setting up and reading outcomes for Taguchi tests that maximize results. Our Taguchi testing is available in four packages. We start at one Taguchi Test in our initial package and then have packages that offer three, five or ten Taguchi tests as well.

  • $600 for One (1)
  • $1500 for Three (3)
  • $2000 for Five (5)
  • $3000 for Ten (10).

Researching the Competition

We can research the competition for you as well. It is a good bet that your competition sells items similar to yours. When this occurs it is best to place your keyword emphasis on the "holes" they have left out. Being sure to check and look for chinks in their armor, will bring money to your business that they have left on the table. If this is a significant amount of business it may be beneficial to utilize the keywords that will bring that business to you, but you will never know about the hole if you don't check out the competition.

  • Your top Three (3) competitors for $250
  • Top Five (5) for $400
  • Top Ten (10) for $700

Converting an Ad Campaign for Another Search Engine

We convert your Pay-Per-Click Advertising account from one search engine to another. Most commonly we convert Google or Yahoo accounts to Bing, Ask, Kanoodle, Amazon, Ebay, AOL and Superpages. We also convert many other search engines. If you have any questions before hand you can Contact Us. After you purchase Four (4) or more conversions there is a 25% discount.

  • Converting One (1) search is $400
  • Four (4) or more conversions are $300 each.

Site Statistics Recorder

We are currently working out the details to offer this Add-On. Thank you for your patience as we try to bring you additional tools to benefit your business.

The Statistics Analysis has no set price currently.