jobs_heading_imgFrequently Asked Questions

Maintenance Contract is a Great Option

We offer great maintence contracts for those that want the benifit of making sure the campaigns they bought are doing the best that they can. It is useful and less stressful to have professionals update the campaign based on the information that is anaylized from the statistics of our site tracker. We install the site tracker on your pages to gather the data that will help us to see what keywords are gaining and which are failing.

Our Contact Information

You can contact our customer service representatives by phone, chat or email. Click Here for further information.

Cost Breakdowns for HigherPage

This depends on what kind of advertising you need. You may need a few keywords or you may need a lot. You may also need some split testing or Taguchi testing. We have a comprehensive cost comparison for new campaigns and for improving existing campaigns. We also offer to maintain campaigns for your advertising, even if we did not build it.

We accept credit card, money order and cashiers checks. You can get to the cart for each of the services by following any of the above links.

You Can Switch to Us or from Us Easily

Yes, as long as you are not violating a contract with another company we would be happy to Improve or Maintain your advertising campaigns. We also allow for easy out options, so you are able to go out on your own if you choose.

The Length of Time for Completion

Each ad campaign is different and there is more time needed for a 25,000 keyword campaign than for a 500 keyword campaign. There is also time considerations for setting up a few split tests versus 200 split tests. What we can tell you is that after your purchase we will begin the process of building or improving your campaigns within 2 business days. The very first step will be for us to contact you and gather information about your site and products.

The Overall Process

Once you have chosen which of our products will best suite your needs, you can purchase securely online. After that step we will email you to set up a phone interview and get all the information needed to begin production of the site. After this we will begin production. Each stepwill be approved by you before the next step begins to ensure that the advertising campaign will benifit your products the best.

Reputable Companies

Most Reputable Advertising companies have goals that will line up with the goals of your company. This does not mean that they will tell you what you want to here, but that they can back up their claims. Our company has taken all of the extra costs associated with the main stream pay-per-click industry. We will not charge commissions for doing our job and we will not charge you based on how much you spend on Google or any other search engine. We have flat rates and that is all that we will charge. We also have separated our maintenance plans from our other services so that you do not have to be locked into our company if you feel that we are not being fair. We are confident that our dedication to making your company better will win your business and perhaps win the business of the friends you tell about us.