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We Desire to Provide Great Advertising without All the Commisions

Normally, pay-per-click advertising will cost you a flat rate fee, and then they charge you a percent of the amount you spend on the ads themselves. After this if they do their job they charge you a commission for lowering the amount that you are spending on those ads. All this is in addition to the cost of the initial setup of the campaigns. Our goal here is to provide you with one flat rate fee that will get your campaign going. If you desire our assistance in maintaining that campaign we provide that as a separate monthly service.

We Designed Our Business With Your Goals in Mind

Unlike the competition, we are not going to charge you from every single side. When we do our job and create a campaign that does well we will not charge a commission. We will not charge you based on the expense that you have for Google or any other search engine you want to use. We will focus on the keywords that will bring business to your site. Some companies will stuff any old word in the campaign in order to meet the keyword limit. We will not do this. We will make the best campaign possible for a flat rate fee. With our Maintenance Plan you can continue to make your campaign better each month.

Available Add-ons

Any purchase will qualify you for a half hour consult about your advertising campaigns.
Do you need additional campaigns? View our Campaigns Add-on
Do you need more split tests? View our Split Testing Add-on
Do you need additional Taguchi testing? View our Taguchi Testing Add-on.
Would you like to research your competition? View our Competitor Research Add-on.
Converting a campaign to another search engine? View our Campaign Conversion Add-on.
Are you interested in tracking your stats? View our Stats Recorder Add-on.

Our Add-ons are designed to fit your needs.

Each of our Add-ons are designed to give you additional flexibility when advertising your site. We intentionally give you options knowing that you can make the best decisions for your company. Any purchase will also get a bonus half hour consultation about your Advertising needs. We want to support your company by offering these great services:

Additional Campaign Creations
Individual Split Testing
Taguchi Split Tests
Competitor Site Researching
Converting Existing Campaigns for other Search Engines
Tracking Site Stat Records

We Can Help You Improve Your Advertising Campaigns

Why pay the cost of building a campaign plus a percentage of what you are spending to advertise on a specific search engine as well as a commission if this amount decreases overtime and a monthly fee for the company to try and make your ad better. These companies must be kidding. Let us help you put some of that money back where it belongs; your wallet. We won’t charge commission rates nor will we charge you based on what you are spending on the ads with Google, Yahoo or any other campaign. When you are ready to begin with us you can order below.