service_heading_imgMaintain Any Campaign

Do I Really Need to Maintain a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

Well... only if you want it to perform its job. If the campaign is not monitored, who knows how well it is actually doing. Every campaign should do something to bring more people to your site. After spending a ton of money to set up that campaign; Do you really just want it to do "something"? Or do you want it to get the BEST possible results? Of course the answer is that you want to get the vest possible results. That is what we want too.

We Designed Our Business With Your Goals in Mind

Unlike the competition, we are not going to charge you from every single side. When we do our job and create a campaign that does well we will not charge a commission. We will not charge you based on the expense that you have for Google or any other search engine you want to use. We will focus on the keywords that will bring business to your site. Some companies will stuff any old word in the campaign in order to meet the keyword limit. We will not do this. We will make the best campaign possible for a flat rate fee. With our Maintenance Plan you can continue to make your campaign better each month.

Mantinence Packages Bronze
Professional Advertising Team tic tic tic
Stay Included in the Process tic tic tic
Monintoring Stats of Campaigns tic tic tic
Suggestions for Helpful Changes tic tic tic
Make Changes upon Approval tic tic tic
Half Hour Consult with Purchase tic tic tic
Keywords in Account Learn More 500 5000 25000

Available Improve Add-ons

Do you need additional campaigns? View our Campaigns Add-on
Do you need more split tests? View our Split Testing Add-on
Do you need additional Taguchi testing? View our Taguchi Testing Add-on.
Would you like to research your competition? View our Competitor Research Add-on.
Converting a campaign to another search engine? View our Campaign Conversion Add-on.
Are you interested in tracking your stats? View our Stats Recorder Add-on.

Make Your Advertising Work for You by Analysing It's Performance

Keeping in line with our effort to help grow your business, we also offer to Maintain your campaigns. There is a catch; we do not do any changes without your approval. Yes, that is right we keep you in the loop and leave the important decisions to you. Here is how it works:

We track your campaigns stats with our tracking system
We analyze the stats and present you with suggestions for improvement
We will then implement the suggestions you approve

It's Our Business to Help Your Business Succeed

We have purposely separated our Maintenance service from the building of the campaigns so that you have the option of using us or not using us. Of course we hope that you will chose to use our service, but we understand that not every company needs or desires to be chained to a company they are unhappy with. We have left this opportunity in your court. If you would like for us to work on your team, you can continue with our service by clicking the button below.