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Let us Market Your New Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

New Pay-Per-Click Campaigns are a big investment. You can't trust just anyone to perform this service. We have set up our service in order to help you get the greatest return on your investment. We believe that our priceing structure lends itself to keeping your cost down while providing you with a quality product.

We Designed Our Business With Your Goals in Mind

Unlike the competition, we are not going to charge you from every single side. When we do our job and create a campaign that does well we will not charge a commission. We will not charge you based on the expense that you have for Google or any other search engine you want to use. We will focus on the keywords that will bring business to your site. Some companies will stuff any old word in the campaign in order to meet the keyword limit. We will not do this. We will make the best campaign possible for a flat rate fee. With our Maintenance Plan you can continue to make your campaign better each month.

Set-Up Packages Iron
Professional Advertising Team tic tic tic tic
No Need to Wait for a Quote tic tic tic tic
Custom Individual Campaigns tic tic tic tic
Stay Included in the Process tic tic tic tic
One Hour Consult with Purchase tic tic tic tic
Keywords in Account Learn More 500 500 5000 25000
Split Test Packs Learn More 50 pack 100 pack 200 pack 500 pack
Taguchi Test Packs   3 pack 3 pack 10 pack

Available Add-ons

Do you need additional campaigns? View our Campaigns Add-on
Do you need more split tests? View our Split Testing Add-on
Do you need additional Taguchi testing? View our Taguchi Testing Add-on.
Would you like to research your competition? View our Competitor Research Add-on.
Converting a campaign to another search engine? View our Campaign Conversion Add-on.
Are you interested in tracking your stats? View our Stats Recorder Add-on.

Our packages are designed to fit your needs.

You shouldn't have to pay more than once for the same service. We created our services in order to allow you to make a much more sound investment in advertising than our competitors offer and here is why:

One Time Flat Rate
We will create your Campaigns for one flat rate. No need to wait on a quote or some drawn out process of trying to gather information to see if we will create the campaign you need. This also means that you are not OBLIGATED to use us to maintain your campaign. We think our maintenance packages are much better than our competition, but we will not force you to use us. We leave the decision up to you and realize that you are more than capable of choosing what is right for your business.

We Offer Selection
We offer four basic packages that can be fully customized by using our Improve Add-ons in order to get the flat rate package that meets your exact needs. You no longer have to pay for the premium package just to get the one small feature that you need. Now you can get that feature by itself if that is what you desire.

We are Commited to Helping Companies Grow
As we have stated, Our goal is to help grow your business. When businesses are doing well it means that we will have more business available. Not only will we get return business, if you are doing well because of our service, but we will also get business from those who see you succeeding. We can see past the short term gains of gouging clients, like our competition has done. We know that businesses are built over time and as you can see, it is just as benificial to us to help you grow as it is to you.

Our Pay-When-Satisfied Guarantee:

  • We are one of the few advertising companies that guarantees our work. We do so even though it's not expected because we are confident that you'll be satisfied.
  • Pay ONLY 50% up front. Don't pay the other half until after work is completed up to your satisfaction.
  • If you give us regular contact during the design phase, we will provide you with exactly what you want OR don’t pay us the 2nd half of the project cost.
  • If you give us timely decisions during the design phase, usually the new site will be completed in less than 30 days.
  • When you turn the keys of the site over to us for your campaign creation, we will only return the keys back to you when you are satisfied. This is to secure our work so that we can offer this amazing guarantee.

You can Clearly See the Difference from Our Competition.

Our company has chosen to build our business on Integrity. It is clear that we aim to help companies become better by using our services. Unlike our competition, we are not trying to suck you dry, because we know that when you find a trustworthy company to use, you will come back to us and maybe recommend us to others. This is an obvious win-win situation. When you are ready to order, feel free to click the button below.