service_heading_imgTaguchi / Multi-Variant Split Testing

Taguchi Testing is over 1000 times faster than normal a-b Split Testing


Taguchi Split Testing

Make your pages better for the customer with Taguchi Split testing.

Taguchi Split Testing has proven itself in the web market place as the best way to individualize your web pages to get the preferred response from your users. This method places different options in the page each time the page is called from the server and tracks the user input, the way the user navigates from the page. You can basically test everything from your Header image to the "call to action" in your "sales pitch".

When you want to affect each page's performance on your web site to get the best results possible, Taguchi Split Testing is the way to go. Your bottom line figures could benefit from split testing your main pages. Your Home page, Offer page and Cart page can all benefit from a good split test. Who knows you may have one picture that is causing people to abort their purchases.

Lets get those buyers back by Split testing your pages.

We Specialize In:

  • Taguchi Split Test Setup
  • Analysis of Split Testing Results
  • Writing Content to Maximize Test Results
  • Creating New Images for Split Testing

Taguchi Split Testing will Maximize Your Site's Appeal to It's Users

We set up or perform Taguchi Split Tests every day. We offer a few different plans based on your needs. We understand that not evey one needs a massive split test or you may just want to try out the split test on a smaller scale to see what the results may be before you purchase the larger test. Whatever the situation we have tailor made tests just for you. It's time to make your pages work for you. Let us help you set up a split test and bring your page to the next level.

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