service_heading_imgAvailable Add-ons

10 Page Bundle

Our Design service offers the Core bundle for all three levels of our web design service. The Silver package adds an additional 10 pages, while the Gold package offers an additional 100 pages. We also offer a bundle of ten pages as an Extra. These can be landing pages that users will go to when running a general search in their browser or any other pages that you may need to complete your site. We will create your new landing pages with the most current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. The content will be based on information you provide for us to use.

The Extra's bundle of 10 more pages is available for $300.00.

Images for Your Site

In our Design packages new images are created from files that the customer provides to us, in most cases. We can find or buy images for you, but there is an extra fee for this. We will customize the images that you approve for the site we are creating for you. We offer a separate service to Improve your existing site. In this service we use the images you provide to make custom images for your site. This is usually done for headers and some larger images used for background behind a portion of your site. Lastly, we offer image updates as part of our Maintenance packages too. Each image to be updated will count as one update. We can also find images for your site if you would like. Finding images will always incur a fee for the time needed to search for the image that is right for your site.

The Extra's cost for an elaborate image collage is $100.00 each.

Auto-Responder Email Systems

Auto-Responders are included in our Gold Design Plan and they are also available as an Extra. We can write an auto-responder email script and hook it up to a message you would like automatically sent to your customers. Auto-Responder email systems are also covered under the Maintain Package. Each email change is considered one update.

With our Improve Extra's each individual auto-responder email system is $100.00. You can save significantly and set up 5 email systems for only $250.00.

E-Commerce Cart

Custom Shopping carts are available on both our Silver and Gold Design Plans. These carts are individualized for each site. If you already have a site or just need the cart set up for you we can also do that as part of our Improve Plan. We currently are having a sale on our custom cart sales. Currently we are defining our custom carts to a single page cart. This price is not inclusive for larger carts that will need a database like MySQL. Our Maintenance plan also includes e-commerce carts. Each change is considered one update. A change is defined as a product addition or subtraction, a minor code change, image change or text change.

Our Extra's cart system is sold at $500.00 right now.

Flash Creation Extras

Flash is an great way to provide a bit of "sparkle" to your web site. It is usually used to show off your main features or something important such as a cart or order button. We include two Flash buttons for your Silver package. Our Gold package boasts of a Flash header and 5 flash buttons for your site. We also offer Flash as an Extra in our Improve plan. If you have the actual Flash ".fla" file, we can also make text changes to your Flash movie with our Maintenance program as well. The text change is considered one update.

For our Improve Extra we have a flat rate price for small Flash buttons, Icons and small objects at $100.00. Due to the larger scale of some Flash projects we have a range of $400.00 - $1000.00+ for projects like banners and commercials.

Text includes for Maintenance

With our Maintenance program there is the possibility that you just want simple text updates. It is also possible that you want or need some script updates. These are both considered text, so we wanted to take a moment to make clarify how our text updates work. Every update to text in HTML code is one update. We are defining HTML code as the part that provides structure and readable text on a web page. We can make small color changes to your site as well by way of CSS or HTML. If there is a style sheet in use already it is possible for us to make color changes for your site as well. We can also make small changes to scripts in order to get them to work for your site again or more efficiently. Scripts are languages like PHP, Perl, JavaScript and so on. Even further are programming languages like C+, Java, Python and Cobra. These are languages that we do not provide updates for under the Maintenance plan, but we can get you fixed up if you are having trouble with your program. Let us know by contacting us HERE and we will have one of our Project Managers return your message.

Our Pay-When-Satisfied Guarantee

We want you to love the work we did for you. We understand the benefit of word of mouth, so we also provide you with a GUARANTEE. We do so, even though it's not expected, because we are confident that you'll be satisfied. Pay ONLY 50% up front. Don't pay the other half until after work is completed to your satisfaction. All we ask is that you maintain regular contact during the construction of your web site. When you maintain regular contact, we will provide you with exactly what you want OR don’t pay us the 2nd half of the project cost. With your prompt input our turnover for a new site is normally less than 30 days. When you turn the keys of the site over to us to design it, we will only return the keys back to you when you are satisfied. Until then, we are "on-the-job". We don't take over your domain name like some of our competition does. You never have to hand over your valuable domain.