jobs_heading_imgFrequently Asked Questions

Maintenance Contract is a Great Option

We offer great maintence contracts for those that will be adding or changing content on your site often. It is useful and less stressful to have professionals update the information you provide them. You can update the information on your own, but risk having to pay someone to fix any mistakes that are made inadvertently. Those mistakes could cost a lot of money if a link or page were to disappear until the web master can get to the site and trouble shoot the problem.

Our Contact Information

You can contact our customer service representatives by phone, chat or email. Click Here for further information.

Cost Breakdowns for HigherPage

This depends on what your site is designed to do, how many pages you will need, media you want in your site ie. Flash, databases or programming and other design features you desire for your site. We have a comprehensive cost comparison for new site builds and for improving existing sites. We also offer very competative maintenace contracts for your site, even if we did not build it.

We accept credit card, money order and cashiers checks. You can get to the cart for each of the services by following any of the above links.

You Can Switch to Us or from Us Easily

Yes, as long as you are not violating a contract with another company we would be happy to Improve or Maintain your site. We also allow for easy out options, so you are able to go out on your own if you choose.

The Length of Time for Completion

The length of time it takes to build a site depends completely on the amount of information on the site and the additional media elements that are desired for the site. Media elements could be anything from Flash (banners, buttons, introductions or commercials) to a database for your e-commerce site.

The Overall Process

Once you have chosen which of our products will best suite your needs, you can purchase securely online. After that step we will email you to set up a phone interview and get all the information needed to begin production of the site. After this we will begin production. Each step of the site will be approved by you before the next step begins to ensure that the site is exactly what you are looking for.

How Content Fits in with HigherPage.

The content of the site is usually provided by the client. We will normally use the pictures and text you choose, but if you desire we can provide pictures to be used on your site for an additional fee.

HigherPage Hosting Capabilities.

Currently we do not offer web hosting. When we begin building your site we will confer with you on a hosting company that will offer your site the server-side capabilities needed to run your site. Once a hosting company is picked out we can set up your domain there and turn it over to you when the site is completed. If your site is already up and running we can help you switch to a new hosting company. Many hosting companies offer databases, email addresses and other server-side options. Once the site is complete we also offer maintenance packages.
Click Here for further information.

Our Web Design Guarantee

We offer a 50/50 guarantee for our new sites and site improvements. This means that we will build the site to your specifications with your input. When complete if you decide you do not want the site you don't pay the other half of the cost and we give everything back that you provided us.

E-Commerce and How It Works

E-Commerce sites are used when selling products or services online. Each e-commerce site requires a cart and most often a few databases. Once the person choses the products that they want the information, such as price and quantity, is used to calculate the total cost and new inventory amount from a database. The persons order is most often stored in a database in order to charge the customer (if not done automatically), fill the order and ship the product upon completion.

We can build carts and databases for your site to complete your ecommerce site. Custom carts have a high initial setup fee and little to no cost after. We like to use online companies that provide carts. They are secure, usually offer great features and ease of use.

The Skinny on Flash

Flash is a program initially made by Macromedia. Macromedia was later bought out by Adobe, which is the company that produces the Flash program currently. Flash is a method of rendering animation for your web site. Flash can be added in many places and do many things. We can use Flash to build complete websites or just very small parts like a button. One thing to keep in mind about Flash is that the file that plays in a browser can become large very quickly. The larger the file size the longer your site will take to download. This means that people with slower conections could easily get bored and leave your site. When used properly Flash can be a very attractive feature on any site.

Web Pages

A web page is a text document that is displayed by a browser ie. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. your web broswer follows rules set in the web page document to display the information in a meaningful way. A URL is the text name for an ip address, which is a string of numbers assigned to a space for some web page. We can help you get a domain name by purchasing a specific URL for your site.


Each browser has set differnt ways to interpret the information given in a web page. The methods are very similar, but can give dramatically different results depending on what was trying to be accomplished. Web Design is progressing quickly now and there are many methods to producing web pages. We try to use the most current methods by use of continuing education. As browsers continue to update information that was once used to make a web site is depreciated and therefore no longer supported. The browser is the only thing you will need in order to run your web site.

Search Engines

Search engines are capable of finding your web site and indexing it for fast retrival. Web sites obtain rankings by following as many rules as possible of the thousands available. Search Engine Optimization, or S.E.O for short, is an ever changing aspect of Web Design. There is NO quick way to obtain number one rankings or even great rankings for a prolonged period of time. It is a process and can take a while to obtain great rankings that will stay high.

Be weary of sites that promise overnite ranking success. Often times they will work great, but only until the search engine spiders go through and blacklist sites that are abusing SEO again. We utilize SEO in the safest and most effective manner that we have found possible and that means there is a process to get good results.

Reputable Companies

Most Reputable Web Design companies will have a portfolio for you to look at. You can get a very good feel for the company by looking at thier work. If there is no portfolio to look at more investigation may be needed. Price comparision is the next part of finding a reputable company. When comparing prices check out the quality of the work. If the work they produce is not up to your standards then the price, no matter how low, will not keep you satisfied in the end. Finally beware of companies that promise the best results ever. It is more than likely they are blowing smoke, or they can do this at the risk of getting your site blacklisted by search engines.