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Keep your site ahead of the game with a first class design.

Web design standards are constantly changing. When a web stie falls behind, it shows. Don't lose customers because of an outdated or confusing site. Higher Page Web Design offers the perfect solution for fixing up and re-designing an old site. Our Improve service is designed to revamp and renew a site that is losing customers. When we're done with your site, we guarantee your customers will be impressed.

Do you need additional landing pages? View our Landing Page Extra
Do you need custom images created? View our Image Creation Extra
Do you need to reply automatically to your customers? View our Auto-Responder Extra.
Are you in need of an e-commerce cart for your site? View our Shopping Cart Extra.
Do you need Flash buttons, banners or commercials? View our Flash Creation Extras.

Our Improve Section Includes options for any site.

Don't put up with other designers who make you wait for a quote. Our packages are priced up front so you don't have to waste any time. These are a few details of what we offer:

  • Each site is treated as it's own entity. We do not clone sites. Unless that's what you want.
  • We Include You Directly in the Design Process. There are No Surprises.
  • We Have a Team of Professional, Experienced Web Designers Ready to Work On Your Site.
  • With Our Maintain Service, You Can Keep Your Site Up to Date Forever.
  • You Don't Have to Wait for A Quote. All of Our Packages are Competitively Priced Above.
  • Higher Page Also Offers a Variety of Other Services to Boost Your Business.

Our packages are designed to fit your needs.

Don't put up with other designers who make you wait for a quote. Our packages are priced up front so you don't have to waste any time. Choose the package that meets your needs and get started. Once you order our service and hand us the keys, we get to work on making your site into something to be proud of. We guarantee that when we hand the keys back, you'll be impressed.

There Are No Surprises with our Service.

When you order our Improve service, you get what you want. Our packages and extras are clearly defined so that you know exactly what you are getting and the bottom line price you will be getting it for. We invite you to check in each step of the way to approve our work as we do it. This ensures that our work is always in line with your expectations. We don't charge any hidden fees, and our packages are priced to save you money. You can be assured that you are getting a great deal at HigherPage. So, what are you waiting for? Lets get started now by clicking below, or feel free to check out the service and compare our service to others.